Seed -- Alpha 5 Changelog

Alright, I worked at it, all day, and managed to squeeze in some fixes that didn't make it into the deadline release.  This was mostly focused on the boss battle, but there were also many other minor fixes not listed here.

Alpha Changelog:

  • Boss battle:
    • ... now has boundaries
    • ... now sends you to the Game Over screen on death
    • ... now lets you restore from a checkpoint, after Game Over
    • ... now has the vine attack, plus improvements
    • ... has many fixes to platforms that were causing glitches with the player and enemy spawns
    • ... now no longer spawns enemies on top of each other
    • ... now has proper HP bar draining
    • ... now uses and resets the correct HP stat
    • ... now has a interpolated camera change, and dedicated camera
  • Player no longer appears to float, due to poorly-placed collision interacting with the final platform graphics
  • Hearts no longer have collision; just a pickup proxy sensor
  • etc.