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Game Jam Info:  Weekly Game Jam 48 -- "Escape the Room"

Synopsis:  "OtherWalls" is about someone who wishes to leave the insane asylum, and hopes you will help him grant that wish by journeying into his delusional mind.  Navigate through an insane asylum by shifting between two worlds until you have found the way to the exit.

Known Issues:

  • Walking through doors is a bit difficult
  • There are no animations on the characters (three days were allotted for simply improving graphics, but real life issues conflicted with this schedule)
  • The HTML5 version causes lag, so it was taken down due to the complaints from older system users

Controls:  Movement is WASD; special move is Shift and Shoft+Z

Official Discord: #other-walls

Knives:  Graphics Design, Game Design, Programming
Scowsh:  Music Composer, Sound Effects
Oscar Orozco:  Music Composer, Sound Effects


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OtherWalls_Alpha5_Linux.zip 45 MB
OtherWalls_Alpha5_MacOSX.zip 58 MB
OtherWalls_Alpha5_Faildoze_64Bit.zip 44 MB
OtherWalls_Alpha5_Faildoze_32Bit.zip 42 MB

Development log


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The review by YourBr0ther begins at 3:21:50

There seems to be a lot of potential here. I loved the sound design. Teleportation idea was a little hard to get at first but it was very clear after a few tries. I like that you had a WASD walking tutorial but I think you could have saved time and skipped that. I had to figure out the colored papers (I'm assuming were stand-ins for a key?) opened doors. I would have put tutorial time explaining that. I was holding down shift the whole since it was helpful the whole time to peak into the other side. Maybe just make that permeant? I found a bug where I was able to get into a wall very close to the outside. I would have liked my camera to have been zoomed out a bit too.

Thanks for the feedback!

As per suggested, I zoomed out the camera, just a tad.  I think that it's a little more balanced, now.  I didn't zoom it out more because I think revealing too much at once would give away the correct way to navigate.

Yes.  The "colored papers" were originally going to be a part of the bigger puzzle, and give you a key which can be used to unlock doors.  Instead, due to time constraints, they are now just "buttons" that open doors remotely.  I thought of making some form of tutorial, but I think that people get the idea, once they see the colors standing out.

As for the WASD tutorial, I thought maybe I would make the controls more obvious, since I have had issues with people not reading things and then not knowing how to play, in the past.

I saw your screenshot about teleporting outside; however, I couldn't seem to reproduce this, at first.  All indicators show it's blocked off.  However, after some fidgeting, I managed to get it to happen, albeit inconsistently.  I'll be sure to try some sort of fix, for Alpha 4.